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nap soundtrack

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So I’m working from home today on account of I have some sniffles, and I’ve been taking quick naps (off the clock, don’t worry.  🙂

During one 15 minute snooze, I was surprised to discover it was accompanied by some Richard Marx.  And then later, a little Gavin DeGraw.

Wonder if it’s all the drugs I’m on …

whew, no one noticed

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In church today was the annual ‘Primary Program’, where all the kids age 3-11 sit up front, sing, and each take a turn at the mic to say something truly inspirational.  Being the teacher of the nine-year olds, that meant I also had to sit up front, sing, and take my turn at the mic to say something truly inspirational.

Two weeks ago, they informed us that we’d be singing a cutesy li’l duet, kids vs. teachers.

Now, God has blessed me with many talents.  He did not feel the need, however, to bless me with any real vocal talent.

<We will now take a break to explain the akaemi singing-voice classification system.  Starting at the top, there are solo voices, small ensemble voices, small choir voices, large choir voices, congregational voices, and the please-don’t-sing-not-even-in-the-shower-voices.>

So I have a congregational voice – with a little practice, I can do ok in a large choir.  But two-weeks notice that I’ll be taking part in a small choir – who are spread out among all the children, so that makes it more like a small ensemble – is absolutely horrifying.  For me, as well as anybody who has to listen to it.

But today after the program, I asked the husband how it all sounded.  And he said he didn’t notice the teacher singing part.  That he kept waiting for it, but he assumed it never happened.

Whew, that’s a relief!  If the one person in the congregation who even cares about my existence didn’t notice me singing and failing, that pretty much means no one did.

I was just looking at my google stalk-a-lytics, and I saw that I got some hits for people looking for keith urban info.  And so I feel compelled to share my concert experience so the next people looking for keith urban info won’t have to go away disappointed.

First off, my review is extremely biased because, well, I’m not really a fan of country music.  I guess Mr. Kidman isn’t truly a country artist, as many of his songs have made their way onto my stations.  And I don’t listen to country stations.  I have to admit, I usually change the station when I hear one of his songs start.  (Sorry, Keith.)

But the Keith Urban show (and it was a SHOW!) has made it up into the top 3 concerts I have ever been to.  In order to make it into my list of greats, a concert has to be an experience that you can’t get by just listening to a greatest hits album.  (Which we did on our 5 hour drive to the concert.)  It has to be immersing and mesmerizing and intoxicating and fun.  Who else goes in my list?  MCR and Barenaked Ladies.  While Barenaked ladies aren’t as high-energy as MCR or Mr. Urban, their live show includes songs they make up on the spot.  And who can pass up an opportunity to listen in on a jam session like that?

But anyway, back to the show.  At first, I was caught up in trying to figure out who Keith Urban reminded me of.  Bon Jovi and Adam Sandler were the first two thoughts I had.  I was shocked that my brain came up with Adam Sandler – until I realized that Keith kinda looks like Adam Sandler with Bon Jovi hair (Recent Bon Jovi hair, not 80s hair).  And a toothy smile eerily similar to the last Mr. Kidman’s famous grin.

But who did he sound like?  My brain wouldn’t let it go – until almost the end of the show when I came up with Tom Petty.  If Mr. Petty had snorted a little coke instead of takin’ all those tokes, he mighta been the frantically energetic fireball that is Keith Urban.  I haven’t yet done an in-depth listening analysis to figure out why find their voices similar – because I think they both have very distinctive voices – but I imagine that they share a quality that caused my brain to lump them together.  Perhaps they both border on nasally without going into annoying?  But that’s an exercise for another day.

The Keith Urban Show is nothing like his greatest hits album.  He was beyond excited, he was running around the stage, he was showing off his guitar skills, he was running up and down the catwalk touching all the fan-hands he could, and he was SWEATING.  And I mean sweating.  There wasn’t a dry bit of t-shirt left by the time he was done with his show.  Nor a dry bit of hair.

The energy of the crowd was just amazing.  I was in a room full of people who would gladly take a bullet for Keith.  They were so excited to see him – many had even brought gifts for baby Kidman (who Keith confirmed was really on his/her way – according to the tabloids Nicole has had about 16 pregnancies during her relationship with Keith, so I’ve long stopped believing them.  I mean seriously, if you are a size 2 and eat a cheeseburger and fries and then stand funny, of COURSE you’ll look like you got a baby bump.)

So, Keith, I got to hand it to you.  You are a rock star.  You put on a show that would likely have made my #1 spot if I knew any of your songs … And from now on, I think I might just listen to your songs when they invade my station. 

I was surprised recently when I heard a song on the radio, and realized I liked it. 

I don’t like country music.  I generally don’t care for female artists – pink, gwen stefani and alanis are the sole ladies in my music collection.  (I promise, I’m not an angry person … I’m not even that moody…)  And I hate sentimental, sappy anything – especially in songs.

So imagine my surprise when my radio station (which is NOT a country station, I dunno why they sneak country songs in) was playing Taylor Swift’s Teardrops on My Guitar – and I liked it.  I usually change the station when it comes on, but I was in traffic that needed my attention, so I couldn’t safely get to the radio dial immediately.  And so I listened.  As I dodged a bus and thought something mean about the little man in the little mazda.  That got his driver’s license from a cracker jack box.

I haven’t figured out why I like it yet.  Maybe it’s because I bought the cd for b2 for Christmas.  Or maybe my angsty, edgy quota has been filled.  I haven’t tried singing along to it yet, but I suspect it might just be in my half-octave range – that could be part of its appeal.  Or perhaps the husband has finally worn me down on country.  Or it could be her fabulous sparkly eye shadow and face jewels.

Whatever the reason, congratulations Taylor Swift.  Toby Keith got me to think some of his songs were funny, but yours is the first country song that I actually … kinda … like.

linkin park live


So, awhile back I went to a Linkin Park concert – and while I was at the merchandise booth picking out a t-shirt, I noticed that they were selling a live download of that night’s show. It seemed like an intriguing idea – and being only a fraction of the cost of my (hugely overpriced) new t-shirt, I decided to try it out. I paid my $11, and got a URL, a code and a blank CD.

It took a week or two for the concert to show up online, so some of the excitement had worn off by that point. I downloaded the 21 tracks, and put them in my iTunes library. It took me a couple more days to sync it to my iPod, and then probably a few more days before I actually gave them a listen.

All I have to say is, it is AWESOME! I’ve never been a huge fan of live CDs, what with all the screaming and the talking – but since I was actually THERE, at the concert, and I remember when they dedicated a song to ‘the guy in the Meteora shirt’, and when they discussed how cool it was to get punched in the face, it’s actually pretty fun. I was in that screaming crowd! That’s me screaming at the end (and middle, and beginning) of the songs!

I’m glad I gave it a try, and I hope more concerts follow suit. 🙂 It was well worth my $11.



I had the opportunity this weekend to go to a Linkin Park concert. Turns out, one of my friends bought tix after she asked her husband over and over if he would go with her, and he agreed. Then he backed out, after the purchase, of course. Enter me, to save the day. 🙂 I gladly went to the concert, especially as my own husband would rather … do just about anything than go see Linkin Park and all the riffraff that comes with it.

I got to admire all the multi-colored hair and piercings that I know I’m too old – and I suppose too ‘professional’ – to be able to pull off. I got to eat overpriced food. But most importantly, I got exposed to some new bands.

My Chemical Romance totally rocked the house. They rocked it harder than Linkin Park. There was fire and fireworks all over that stage – but no manner of pyrotechnics could ever outdo Gerard. Gerard the flamboyantly emo. Gerard who came out on stage dressed up in a Prince-ala-hot-topic getup. Gerard with more makeup than me. (Ok, so that last one’s not hard, seeing as I wear …. chapstick.) Gerard who knows how to put on a show.

The music was awesome, but Gerard really knows how to get the crowd into it. Gerard managed to get a significant portion of the male audience to take off their shirts and swing them around their heads. For real. Cuz when Gerard asks you to do something, in his feverishly appealing way, you do it.

I only knew one of their songs – that ‘when I was a young boy … black parade song’ – but all their songs were great. I’m gonna have to buy their album now. And if I ever see them on the concert circuit again, it’ll be time to call up my friend and get tix of our own. ©2019. All Rights Reserved.
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