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whew, no one noticed

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In church today was the annual ‘Primary Program’, where all the kids age 3-11 sit up front, sing, and each take a turn at the mic to say something truly inspirational.  Being the teacher of the nine-year olds, that meant I also had to sit up front, sing, and take my turn at the mic to say something truly inspirational.

Two weeks ago, they informed us that we’d be singing a cutesy li’l duet, kids vs. teachers.

Now, God has blessed me with many talents.  He did not feel the need, however, to bless me with any real vocal talent.

<We will now take a break to explain the akaemi singing-voice classification system.  Starting at the top, there are solo voices, small ensemble voices, small choir voices, large choir voices, congregational voices, and the please-don’t-sing-not-even-in-the-shower-voices.>

So I have a congregational voice – with a little practice, I can do ok in a large choir.  But two-weeks notice that I’ll be taking part in a small choir – who are spread out among all the children, so that makes it more like a small ensemble – is absolutely horrifying.  For me, as well as anybody who has to listen to it.

But today after the program, I asked the husband how it all sounded.  And he said he didn’t notice the teacher singing part.  That he kept waiting for it, but he assumed it never happened.

Whew, that’s a relief!  If the one person in the congregation who even cares about my existence didn’t notice me singing and failing, that pretty much means no one did.

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