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everything I hate added together = something I like?

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I was surprised recently when I heard a song on the radio, and realized I liked it. 

I don’t like country music.  I generally don’t care for female artists – pink, gwen stefani and alanis are the sole ladies in my music collection.  (I promise, I’m not an angry person … I’m not even that moody…)  And I hate sentimental, sappy anything – especially in songs.

So imagine my surprise when my radio station (which is NOT a country station, I dunno why they sneak country songs in) was playing Taylor Swift’s Teardrops on My Guitar – and I liked it.  I usually change the station when it comes on, but I was in traffic that needed my attention, so I couldn’t safely get to the radio dial immediately.  And so I listened.  As I dodged a bus and thought something mean about the little man in the little mazda.  That got his driver’s license from a cracker jack box.

I haven’t figured out why I like it yet.  Maybe it’s because I bought the cd for b2 for Christmas.  Or maybe my angsty, edgy quota has been filled.  I haven’t tried singing along to it yet, but I suspect it might just be in my half-octave range – that could be part of its appeal.  Or perhaps the husband has finally worn me down on country.  Or it could be her fabulous sparkly eye shadow and face jewels.

Whatever the reason, congratulations Taylor Swift.  Toby Keith got me to think some of his songs were funny, but yours is the first country song that I actually … kinda … like.

2 thoughts on “everything I hate added together = something I like?”

  1. hemisphire says:

    Every time I get in your husband’s vehicle, he’s got country music blaring when he turns it on. So when you ride with him, do you turn it off (or down)?

  2. akaemi says:

    If he’s driving, I let him listen to it … If I’m driving, the radio is usually off, since I know he likes my music about as much as I like his …

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