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I had the opportunity this weekend to go to a Linkin Park concert. Turns out, one of my friends bought tix after she asked her husband over and over if he would go with her, and he agreed. Then he backed out, after the purchase, of course. Enter me, to save the day. 🙂 I gladly went to the concert, especially as my own husband would rather … do just about anything than go see Linkin Park and all the riffraff that comes with it.

I got to admire all the multi-colored hair and piercings that I know I’m too old – and I suppose too ‘professional’ – to be able to pull off. I got to eat overpriced food. But most importantly, I got exposed to some new bands.

My Chemical Romance totally rocked the house. They rocked it harder than Linkin Park. There was fire and fireworks all over that stage – but no manner of pyrotechnics could ever outdo Gerard. Gerard the flamboyantly emo. Gerard who came out on stage dressed up in a Prince-ala-hot-topic getup. Gerard with more makeup than me. (Ok, so that last one’s not hard, seeing as I wear …. chapstick.) Gerard who knows how to put on a show.

The music was awesome, but Gerard really knows how to get the crowd into it. Gerard managed to get a significant portion of the male audience to take off their shirts and swing them around their heads. For real. Cuz when Gerard asks you to do something, in his feverishly appealing way, you do it.

I only knew one of their songs – that ‘when I was a young boy … black parade song’ – but all their songs were great. I’m gonna have to buy their album now. And if I ever see them on the concert circuit again, it’ll be time to call up my friend and get tix of our own.

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They’re both on my list of bands to see – but I was thinking about buying a lawn ticket and rain was threatening. Maybe next time.

Did your husband tell you he turned down free tix to a concert on Friday? That was a blast.

He did tell me, and even though I’m more of a Keith Urban fan than my country-lovin’ husband, I can’t say that I was disappointed that he passed up that chance. 🙂

The rain came just in time for the beginning of Linkin Park’s performance, and I *think* it mostly stopped until their encore … though, I’m not entirely sure, as I had covered seats. 🙂

I love me some MCR.

I actually really like Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge better than The Black Parade, but they are great. I saw them at Merriweather Post when Muse opened for them. Gerard’s little brother had just left on his honeymoon so there was a new guy playing bass.

They came on stage in full Black Parade marching band gear; did the entire Black Parade album straight thru, then warned people that “the next band” was foul mouthed and nothing like them at all but the label made them tour together. They took a 15 minute break, during which a good third of the show cleared out. Everyone under 15 left with Mommy and Daddy. Then they came out again as My Chemical Romance and played all my favorites. Later that night I was so sick my girlfriend considered calling 911. I love concerts.

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