Twenty one posts about our epic trip to Japan! Read them all to feel like you, too, spent 16 days in Japan – or skip around to the bits you care most about.

Getting Started
40th Birthdays and 15th Anniversaries
Getting to Japan
Tokyo on our Own

Gate 1 Travel
Tokyo with Gate 1
Mt. Fuji with Gate 1
Osaka with Gate 1
Osaka in a Typhoon!
Kyoto with Gate 1: Day One
Kyoto with Gate 1: Day Two

Okinawa on our Own
Onward to Okinawa!
Okinawa: Getting Around Without a Car
Okinawa: Shuri Castle
Okinawa: The Hip Hop Bus
Okinawa: WWII Peace Memorial
Okinawa World

Tokyo on our Own
Back to Tokyo: Shinjuku
Tokyo: Harajuku Style
Tokyo: One Last Day
Tokyo: The End of our Adventure

Helpful Tips
Japan Tips
Japan Travel Wardrobe