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So, awhile back I went to a Linkin Park concert – and while I was at the merchandise booth picking out a t-shirt, I noticed that they were selling a live download of that night’s show. It seemed like an intriguing idea – and being only a fraction of the cost of my (hugely overpriced) new t-shirt, I decided to try it out. I paid my $11, and got a URL, a code and a blank CD.

It took a week or two for the concert to show up online, so some of the excitement had worn off by that point. I downloaded the 21 tracks, and put them in my iTunes library. It took me a couple more days to sync it to my iPod, and then probably a few more days before I actually gave them a listen.

All I have to say is, it is AWESOME! I’ve never been a huge fan of live CDs, what with all the screaming and the talking – but since I was actually THERE, at the concert, and I remember when they dedicated a song to ‘the guy in the Meteora shirt’, and when they discussed how cool it was to get punched in the face, it’s actually pretty fun. I was in that screaming crowd! That’s me screaming at the end (and middle, and beginning) of the songs!

I’m glad I gave it a try, and I hope more concerts follow suit. 🙂 It was well worth my $11.

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there’s nothing like live music but a cd of a concert you were at is good. my industry mags pick the live cd as a great new market. some even do a quick mixes during the show and have it done in 1/2 hr after it’s over for sale. not the finest quality but as good as a tshirt.

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