when I grow up?

Today in my sunday school class, my nine-year-olds decided they wanted to discuss what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Turns out, I have a future video game programmer, lawyer and composer in my class.  (In his defense, li’l g wants to be a lawyer because that’s what his dad is – and since he’s only 9, his dad is his hero.  It’ll be interesting to see what he wants to be when he’s 13 …)

I know it shouldn’t catch me off guard, but one of the kids asked me what I wanted to be.  You know, when I grow up.

Instead of telling them I wanted to be a travel-writer (which would be so totally awesome – but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t actually pay any sort of bills), I informed them that I was grown up and I was a software engineer.  (A SENIOR software engineer at that!  I apparently just made the jump with years of experience, that’s my new job title at my new job!)

Ironically, the programmer-to-be wrinkled his nose and asked what that was.  Li’l g informed him that it had to do with computers, and I said that yes, I write computer software.  I think it caught the kids by surprise – both that I was really a grown-up AND that I had such a serious-sounding job.

Hopefully now they’ll remember that I’m a real-live grown up.  Old enough, even, to be their mother.

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