good thing it wasn’t knickers –

good thing it wasn’t knickers

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In anticipation of my bathroom being finished, I looked online for the perfect floor mirror, and found it at for a reasonable price.  After some negotiation with the husband (‘well, the OTHER one I like is $700 …’), I purchased it and then went about my other internet business.

Imagine my surprise when I logged into facebook to update my status to something else obnoxious about why my bathroom isn’t done, and found that my recent purchase was RIGHT THERE.  In facebook.  On the page where it tells you about all the things your friends are up to.  And it wanted to know if I wanted to inform all my friends about my purchase.  Oh, and did I want to automatically tell them all about all my purchases?

Um, no thanks.

Besides the fact that my facebook ‘friends’ don’t really care what I buy, it’s really kind of obnoxious.  Plus, I don’t want them all to know what terrible taste I have.  Or how cheap I am.  I reserve that honor for my real friends; that’s right, for the 6 people who read my blog.

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  1. Rob says:

    When that feature first came out they publishing things without asking for permission first:

    Talk about intrusive.

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