labeled gallery pics

Ok, so I haven’t gotten around to actually adding any more pics to my gallery – but I did go back and label the pics that are already there.  I also tried to trim the galleries, but I don’t think I was very successful at it.

And, for the husband’s family, I do know your names.  I made a conscious effort to not put names in, I instead used relationships.  (i.e., ‘the niece,’ ‘the mother-in-law,’ etc.)  I made this decision because while I don’t have a problem with my name being ‘out there’ on the ‘internet,’ I realize that not all people feel the same way.  I don’t want to make anyone feel exposed.

Using relationships in lieu of names also serves a double purpose: for people who don’t know the people in the pictures, relationships serve as a better description.  The husband’s coworkers, for example, have no idea who ‘mildred’ is or how she might connected to me – but they do understand step-great-aunt-in-law.  Er, well, maybe not that relationship, I’m not entirely sure what that one means …

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