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Ok, so I have no idea if that’s really true or not. My hygienist presented it as fact at my cleaning today. But I do know that it’s certainly true of me! Which means my dental visits are the worst and I’m always finding out I need root canals!

Enter the Quip toothbrush. It was all over my Facebook for like 2 weeks. Which means I bought one, duh.

And I just had the best dental visit of my life. Even though it’s been 7 months since my last visit, and my dentist has me on a 4-month schedule because I do not take very good care of my teeth.

So what’s the trick? How did this magical toothbrush change my dental world in 20 seconds a day?

It didn’t. The trick is, it convinced me to spend 2 minutes brushing my teeth every day. 30 seconds per quarter. It buzzes every 30 seconds to let you know to switch quadrants, and then shuts off altogether after 2 minutes. Which is a frickin’ eternity, yo! If, you know, you’ve only been brushing for 20 seconds.

Also, in all fairness, I’ve been flossing … more. I won’t say daily, but I’ll say more. I had another root canal last November, and I’m motivated to avoid going back. Because root canals suck, but also because, as it turns out, the oral surgeon my dentist uses goes to my church. And sits in the pew in front of me. Awwwwkward. I guess I can feel good about the fact that I’m helping to put his kids through college?

Anyway, reviews on it say that it is better than a regular toothbrush, but worse than a Sonicare. So, uh, don’t replace your Sonicare with a Quip. But if you’re a 20-second brusher who wants a snazzy, travel friendly toothbrush, then give it a shot. You may just impress your dentist. And never have to meet an oral surgeon in his office.

This iPad thing is pretty nice, I have to admit. The only reason I ever turn my laptop on now is when I need microsoft office. Or to print something. But the printing thing will someday turn into a thing of the past, when the husband lets me buy an iPad-friendly-color-network-laser printer. 🙂

But the thing I love the mostest about my iPad? It takes me to ravelry! Which is the best social networking site to be found on the innerwebz.

Now I can take (poor quality) pictures of yarn and projects with ease from my iPad and upload them to ravelry! And when I want to upload better pictures, I can take real pictures and plop the sd card into the handy-dandy card reader I bought.

I know laptops are portable, but the iPad is super duper portable. I don’t even think twice before taking it to my yarn room for a stash-recording session. Or to the neighborhood stitch night so I have access to my patterns. Or to the basement to organize my queue while we watch tv.

There are a few features that can’t be handled on the iPad, so I’m crossing my fingers for an iPad app. None of the drag and drop works, and scrolling in a pop-up window is cumbersome, to say the least. (Keep my thumb in contact with the screen and perfectly still while scrolling with my index finger … Once my thumb moves, I’m zooming in and out on the whole screen …)

So, just for ravelry, the iPad has totally been worth it. :-). Who needs Facebook when there’s so much fun to be had on ravelry?

The husband and I have been planning a trip to Phoenix for months. We’ve carefully planned out our itinerary: a Star Trek Convention, an Easter Pageant, some theater (Nine), a Cowboy show, the Grand Canyon, the Phoenix Zoo,  the Arizona Science Center, and the Pueblo Grande Museum.  Do we know how to party or what?

We purchased the Star Trek tickets ages ago (priorities!), but I hadn’t booked the theater tickets or the cowboy dinner.  It was on the to-do list, but I just kept putting it off.

I signed up for the Phoenix Groupon and Living Social emails when I knew we were going to be in the area, as that strategy paid off for our trip to Vegas last year.  (Half-price Gameworks day passes and Atomic Museum tickets!)

So, what should appear in my email inbox but a Groupon for the Cowboy show!  Followed shortly by a Nine deal.  I’m still holding out for Grand Canyon, Zoo and Science center deals.  Here’s hoping I get lucky!

I’m blogging from my doctor’s office!

Thanks to the marvel that is iPad, I can take my computing just about anywhere! Unlike the husband, I didn’t opt for the 3G version, so I assume the blog won’t update until I get back home to the safety of my wifi network. But because I’ve got the handy-dandy wordpress iPad app, it doesn’t matter that I can’t reach the internet.

My hope is that my new iPad will replace the aging laptop. So far, there’s been one ie-only website, drag-and-drop website functionality, and office docs that I’m missing out on. But that’s what the work computer is for, right?

My 15 minutes is up, I haven’t died from my allergy shot. Time to go!

The husband’s birthday was this last weekend, and so that meant it was time for our Firefly party! There were some great costumes. Kaylee was my favorite, but Mal, Simon, Saffron, River and Shepherd did excellent jobs of capturing the essence of their characters.

Check out pics in my new firefly gallery!

I’ll post further details of my party when it’s not Cheroes night …

serenity stranded


The husband is turning 30 next month, which means he gets to have the best. party. ever.  And I’m in charge!  <gulp>

He has requested a firefly-themed murder mystery, and so that means I have my work cut out for me.  <double gulp>

In preparation for the event, I knitted a couple of Jayne hats.  One for the birthday boy, and one for a party prize.  They really are quite cunning, someone is going to leave the party in style!

So now that THAT’S out of the way, time to get down to the story-writing.  And character assignment.  And invitations.  And menu-planning.  (Moldy-protein-chocolate-cake, anyone?)

I have decided on the title of this year’s story, and that’s ‘Serenity Stranded.’  As can be guessed from the title, Serenity is stuck … somewhere (still working on that part) … and it is up to the party-goers to figure out who’s the culprit!  I just couldn’t bear offing someone in the firefly ‘verse, (even though Joss doesn’t mind it) so this year’s murder mystery will be short on murder.  But hopefully not mystery!

Now to get busy writing …

a new winner!


It is official:  the number-one keyword search that brought people to my site over the last 30 days was ‘cowgirl pants.’  With 3 hits, it has overcome the previous champion, ‘akaemi.’  Which, um, if you can spell akaemi right to google it, how hard is it to just put in the url bar?

Just sayin’.

In anticipation of my bathroom being finished, I looked online for the perfect floor mirror, and found it at for a reasonable price.  After some negotiation with the husband (‘well, the OTHER one I like is $700 …’), I purchased it and then went about my other internet business.

Imagine my surprise when I logged into facebook to update my status to something else obnoxious about why my bathroom isn’t done, and found that my recent purchase was RIGHT THERE.  In facebook.  On the page where it tells you about all the things your friends are up to.  And it wanted to know if I wanted to inform all my friends about my purchase.  Oh, and did I want to automatically tell them all about all my purchases?

Um, no thanks.

Besides the fact that my facebook ‘friends’ don’t really care what I buy, it’s really kind of obnoxious.  Plus, I don’t want them all to know what terrible taste I have.  Or how cheap I am.  I reserve that honor for my real friends; that’s right, for the 6 people who read my blog. ©2019. All Rights Reserved.
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