don’t even try to out-nerd me …

I love spreadsheets. A LOT. Especially google spreadsheets! With google spreadsheets, I can update my spreadsheets whenever I get the hankering – I don’t have to wait till I get home to my computer.

I have a spreadsheet to keep track of my vacation time. There’s a sheet for my husband, a sheet for me, and then a sheet to track all the vacations we’ve taken over the year. In a glance, I can tell how much money and time we’ve spent on trips – as well as how many mental health sick days we’ve taken.

I have a spreadsheet to track all my loans. I can see the monthly payment, the amount left for each loan, as well as the final payoff date. And I update it as necessary, whenever I start ‘paying extra’ toward any loan. I leave the mortgage off that spreadsheet, as I like to feel like I’m making some progress towards less indebtedness …

I have a spreadsheet to track all of the colleges I think my sister should go to. This spreadsheet is shared with my sister, of course, who can update the list as she sees fit. With her college spreadsheet, she can quickly see what different schools cost, as well as how well they are ranked in the US News rankings.

I have a spreadsheet to track all my nerdly topics. As I write about each topic, I check it off. And as I think of new topics, I add it to the list!

Spreadsheets are awesome. They are the perfect way to dump what I’m thinking into something a little more logical – and a little more permanent.

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