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A few weekends back, I was at microcenter helping my husband find the elusive G7 mouse, when I stumbled across some home design software.

I had been using some free demoware, that you could use for 30 program-runnings. And if you liked the product, you could buy it. I had just decided to buy it when I went to the website and discovered it cost $500. For a 2D floorplan maker! It did have some neat libraries full of furniture and fixtures, but, still, not $500 worth.

So when I saw an $80 3D home designer package at microcenter, I was intrigued. The pictures on the box promised some neat results, and so I took the plunge.

It took me several hours to transfer my house from my old demoware to the new product, but when I finished – wow. It’s my house! In 3D! With the right textures and colors for everything! I have a brick front, and siding everywhere else. My house is on a slope. The walls have the right colors, the floors are made of the right materials. My kitchen has gray tile and dark granite countertops, just like in real life. The ceiling even has recessed lighting! It’s – wow. That’s all I can say. It’s a real live model of my house.

Which means – I’ll be able to virtually remodel my house before I do the real deal! And I’ll know what it’s gonna look like. And if I hire someone to do the work, I can show them a 3D picture of what I want – and not just a magazine clipping with a “general idea.”

I love my new 3D house. 🙂 I’ve just finished with the basic floor plan and permanent fixtures. Next up: actual furnishings!


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LOL, not yet, that’s actually part of the reason I bought it, so I could plan my new garden. It promises to have an extensive plant library – bonsai, anyone?

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