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mystery of the sacred fridge

A few months ago, we redid our kitchen. As part of this remodel, we purchased new appliances – including a new refrigerator. And ever since then, sometimes when I go into the kitchen, I find my neurotic cat sitting in front of the refrigerator, at attention, staring intently at the ice and water dispenser. As soon as he hears me come in though, I have interrupted his moment of worship, and he wanders off.

I have often wondered what, exactly, he thinks is going to happen. If there are no people in the kitchen to operate the dispenser, it doesn’t do anything. At all. Ever. Or so I thought.

It turns out, when the planets are aligned just right, something does happen. If, after getting a glass of ice water, a piece of ice falls into the tray at the bottom of the dispenser, right on the edge, and if, after some time, it melts just right, that piece of ice will fall on the floor. And then my neurotic cat gets a tasty treat, or a splendid toy, depending on his mood at that moment. And that is what he waits for, these moments of rare blessing, bestowed by that great deity, the refrigerator.

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At least your cats aren’t gimps. Max is currently trying to bore us enough that we look away. Then he goes for his shiny staples. Which to our knowledge haven’t been removed. But our cat is more of a mastermind than neurotic. But, he’s a bit of a Neville…

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