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wesleyOMG, OMG, I just posted a comment on Wil Wheaton’s blog! I didn’t even know about his blog until this morning, after I read my husband’s latest post. Once I found out about it, of course, I had to go read it. And lo and behold, he had a recent post about conventions! So then I was compelled to leave a comment with a link to my latest post about conventions.

As a young teen, I had the biggest crush on Wesley Crusher. My bff at the time had a more reasonable crush on the more studly and charming Riker. But I’ve always been a sucker for the smart ones.

I was pleased to find that Mr. Wheaton has a rather interesting blog, and surprised to read about his trek to drop off his son at college. I mean, it wasn’t THAT long ago that he was an obnoxiously smart 12-year-old on TNG, was it? Well, it apparently was that long ago. Cuz he’s off dropping his son off at college …

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