i love the greenway

The Dulles Greenway is a privately owned toll road in northern va. It’s a 14 mile stretch that costs $3 for the pleasure of driving on it. It doesn’t matter what distance you actually drive on it, it’s $3. I happen to live at just about the midway point of this lovely road, so I pay $3 to drive 6 or 7 miles.

If I were to actually drive on the greenway every day, to and from work, that works out to about $1500 a year. And if my husband were to do the same, that’s $3000 dollars a year. Since I happen to be a money-nazi, we don’t. Much to my husband’s annoyance, perhaps, but we don’t.

There are A LOT of people who live near the greenway. In fact, that’s about all there is surrounding the greenway – it’s a 14 mile stretch of residentially zoned area, full of single family homes, townhomes, condos, and apartments. Lots and lots of ’em. And the greenway is the most convenient way to get to, well, anywhere.

But, thankfully, most of these people who live near the greenway also seem to be money-nazis. Which means, that not everyone who lives along the greenway, uses it every day to get to and from work. Which means that when I am running late, and I need to get somewhere FAST, no matter the cost, I can use the greenway. And THAT is why I love it.

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I remember the first time I came to the northern Virginia area. I landed at Dulles and picked up rental car and some how ended up paying $2.50 for a toll to get to Tysons.

I still don’t remember how I ended up having to pay that and I probably never will.

Oh, not to mention missing the exit for Tysons and staying on the access road down 66 and turn around in an area I had never seen.

All in all, what a great trip!

Sounds like it. 🙂 The roads here still confuse and surprise me, and I’ve been here for … add 3, carry the 2 … 5 or 6 years, and have lived in 7 different cities, so you’d *think* I’d know my way around by now.

Thanks for leaving comments! Big Brother, er, Google Analytics tells me I have 8 loyal readers, but I was beginning to doubt it as my blog is seemingly comment-less. 8 readers might seem like a lot, till you consider that I come from a family of 7 ….

Hi, your post about the Greenway made me want to comment and then your comment about comments made me feel bad for not going back in time and commenting more on people’s blogs when I read them.

I never get on the Greenway, but sometimes I have to get on the Dulles Toll Road (for those who care, they are vaguely related and go in opposite directions from Dulles Airport) The Greenway sounds like a flippin miracle in comparison to the Toll Road. Whenever I get on I never know how much I’m going to pay; mostly because I get lost and get off on the wrong exit, but I digress. It is also soooo crowded. I don’t care what time of day. If I want to go somewhere on the Toll Road, then Natalie Merchant and the rest of them are all on the road at the same time.

I read your blog occasionally, because I read your husband’s blog. Which I read because I read Dave’s Blog. I have no idea how Dave and your husband know each other. I don’t even look at Google Analytics for my blog because I have no need to add aditional reasons for being depressed into my life. My family has not commented on my blog yet; no, they just wait and tell me their comments when I see them in person. Sometimes I just don’t get people. My most regular commenters include Dave’s sisters, who(m?) I have never met! I love the internet: I am now commenting on someone’s blog who I am 3 degrees seperated from, and have never met, and do they live half way around the world? No, we shop at the same Wegmans. Not all the time though, b/c we are money-nazis. OK you’re a money-nazi. I’m just po’ 🙂

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