savin’ the planet

My company recently moved to a new building.  A bright, shiny new building.  A bright, shiny new building, where energy consciousness is the name of the game.

The lights are triggered by motion, and if there is no motion, the lights turn themselves off.  This is the case in my cube farm.  This is the case in the kitchen.  This is the case in the bathroom.

The bathroom has also been outfitted with florescent bulbs.  But not just any florescent bulbs!  They are the kind of bulbs that need a few minutes to warm up.

At home, in the middle of the night, I usually opt to use the bathroom with very dim lighting.  No need for bright lights then!  Not when I’m about to get right back into bed.

But at work?  At work, I prefer my bathroom visits to include good lighting.  I suppose, though, for the sake of the planet, I will have to get used to scary gas station bathroom lighting.  Especially since I’m a lady in a dev shop.  The ladies’ room lights spend a good portion of the day off.  Ya know, saving the planet!

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We have that problem in the kitchen at home. I’ve gotten in the habit of going in there first, turning the lights on, then coming back when they’ve warmed up.

How much motion does it take? Could you just put an oscillating fan in there and keep the lights on all day?

Now that the rest of the people in the building have moved in, the problem seems to have been resolved. On account of the more women on the floor, not that they did anything to the planet-saving extremism.

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