disaster averted

the husband: <gets bread from cupboard, places two slices of bread on a plate>

the husband: <gets mayo from fridge, spreads mayo on each slice>

the husband: <gets mustard from fridge, squirts a circle of mustard on each slice>

the husband: <gets american cheese from fridge, peels off a slice, places on one slice of bread>

the husband: <tries to get ham from fridge>

the husband: <distraught> I don’t… I don’t have anything to put on my sandwich!

me: <looks at nearly finished sandwich>

me: I could fry you an egg.  Oh, I could if we HAD any eggs.

me: Well that’s really … that’s really sad.

me: Oh!  There’s chicken nuggets!  Or fish sticks!  In the freezer.  You could microwave some up real quick.

the husband: <rummages in freezer>


And thus, disaster was averted, and dinner was not a sad affair.  In fact, there may have been a song about a stegosaurus in there somewhere …

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  1. hmm, I doubt it. Especially because they are marketed for 4 year-olds who don’t have very discerning taste buds …

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