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just like legos!

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traditional sectionalThe husband and I have been thinking about replacing the basement furniture for months, but we just hadn’t gotten around to doing the research.  (You know, dragging the husband into furniture stores.)

So this weekend, I was doing a little sofa research on my laptop, whilst sitting on our decrepit sofa, and I ran across the coolest. couch. ever.  And even though it was 8 pm on a Friday night, I told the husband that we were going to Havertys.  Immediately!

me: LOOK at this couch!  You can turn it into anything you want! <Me shoving my laptop in his face while he’s trying to play wow.>

the husband: Wait … just a … I’m fighting off 8 …. ok, now what am I looking at?

me:  it’s a sectional!  but you can turn it into whatever you want!

the husband: Um, it says it’s 6 pieces … isn’t that a little bit much?

me: no, each piece is just like one chair, so that’s only 6 seats.  Or less, depending on how you put it all together.

the husband: hmm.  I see.

me: So let’s go!  I want to see it!

the husband: But … we’re watching a movie …

me: You’re playing wow and I’m surfing the internet.  Tivo the movie!  We can ‘finish’ it when we get back.  It’s not like it’s that good …

the husband: Can’t we go tomorrow?  It’ll still be there tomorrow …

me: But did you SEE it?  I want to go sit on it!!

the husband: <sigh> Ok, let me finish killing this guy, then we can go.

And so we screeched into the furniture store shortly before closing time, and we sat on the modular sectional.  And we chatted with Reba, who took measurements for us, showed us their other sectionals, and didn’t rush us.

Saturday morning, we looked at some sectionals at Macy’s and at the Lazy Boy store, and the husband conceded that the first sofa was the best option.  So we went back to see our friend Reba, and we made the purchase.

It’ll be here in just a couple of days; and then just look at all the fun we can have!

a giant bed-couch!couch2couch4traditional sofa and loveseat couch5

6 thoughts on “just like legos!”

  1. katie m. says:

    That is awesome! And may I say how impressed I am that you 1) have a basement and 2) have the income to furnish said basement with nifty modular furniture. I shop exclusively at IKEA and from other grad students. I do not feel very grown up.

  2. akaemi says:

    Oh, we do a fair amount of shopping at ikea! The only reason our house isn’t furnished exclusively by ikea is that it’s just a little too far away for me to stop by every weekend. 🙂 This is by far the most expensive and most grown up furniture purchase we have ever made – so it had better last …

  3. Hemisphire says:

    This sounds EXACTLY like the husband.

  4. akaemi says:

    Haha, I have to admit, I did exaggerate slightly. But only slightly …

  5. The Husband's Mom says:

    I agree, it did sound exactly like the husband!!

  6. I’m a bit confused here why say “the husband” instead of “my husband”? anyways, I also play wow but not to that extent that everything needs to change in favor of wow.

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