a year of travel

I love traveling.  To anywhere.  Especially if it’s somewhere I’ve never been.

The husband loves … making me happy!  And so this year will be quite the year of travel.

We started off the year with a trip to New York in February to see the husband’s other woman.  April brought a weekend trip to Gettysburg, even though it is just over an hour away.  (If you do a ghost tour, skip the Farnworth house tour; also, be sure to get some fries at Hunt’s Battlefield Fries.  And if you buy the CD audio-tour of the battlefield, the directions are really good up until about stop 12 … so pay attention!)

May took us to Texas, where we hit several of the hot-spots with the husband’s family: NASA in Houston (which is awesome, I got to sit in old mission control!), a UT graduation ceremony, caverns outside of San Antonio, the Alamo, the river walk, dinner with the husband’s bff, and Schlitterbahn.  And all of that in 5 days!

June will take us to Oklahoma, to see the husband’s father.  It’s a long overdue visit, and I’ll get to cross Oklahoma off my list of ‘states-I’ve-never-been-to’.  🙂

July is my spa trip, and at the end of the month we’ll be heading back to New York.  Amtrak is having a fare sale, so we snagged cheap train tickets.  And we finally cashed in our Holiday Inn points, so we’ll be enjoying a free stay.  And with the show tickets the husband got for his birthday, it’ll make for a fun – and surprisingly cheap! – trip to the big city.

August is Leavenworth to visit my family.  Not that they live there, but the dad decided we should have a family reunion some place fun.  We’ll be there during the theater festival, and the mom has purchased tickets for us all to just about every play available – so we’ll be doing what we all enjoy best: sitting around …

August also brings us to Pennsylvania to see Taylor Swift.

And September is Italy!

October is still up in the air, but is tentatively local trips to Winchester and/or Charlottesville.  Ooh, or the renn fest!

November will find us back in the west with a trip to LA to visit my good friend Mal.  Maybe.  If he decides he can make it.

And December is just chilling for our very first Christmas at home.  Followed by a trip to Disneyworld to ring in the new year.  If there’s any travel money left.  And if I can convince the husband …

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If only we managed to stick to the same airline when we travel. As it stands, I think we’re eligible for a couple of magazine subscriptions …

I’m glad you like the card! The husband giggled like a school girl when he picked it out. 🙂

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