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party time: day 7

Slept in, and got up to find the dad watching a Burn Notice marathon.  Surfed the interwebz, balanced the checkbook, and played some freecell, before taking the dad out to buy a new camera bag and get lunch at the Tortilla Factory.

Returned home for some more Burn Notice, then checked the dad in to his flight online.  Used 15,000 miles to upgrade to first class – for a 6 hour, cross-country non-stop flight, not a bad deal.  Dropped the dad off at the airport for his first-class experience.

Ordered pizza for dinner, then knitted and caught up on my tivo list while the husband caught up on his wow.  Did some googling about painting ceilings (I wouldn’t bother, except the basement ceiling has cracks that need to be patched, as well as sporadic black marks).  Also, did a load of laundry so the husband can maintain his habit of wearing clothing to work and baked some more M&M cookies.

I sure could get used to this vacation thing.

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