gonna get me a grill

I finally had my crown put on.  I was supposed to do it last week, but was sick with a cold.  With a nose-stuffing cold.  Which meant I really didn’t think I wanted to not have the option of, say, breathing through my mouth while it was full of implements and other peoples’ hands.

It was surprisingly painless.  A pair of tweezers pulled the temp crown off (it’s amazing the thing didn’t fall off on it’s own), and then the dentist tried it on and filed down one edge of it before gluing it on for real.  Tada!  A new tooth!  No needles or drugs required!

A new gold tooth.  🙂  Porcelain apparently wasn’t an option because of the littleness and far-backedness of my rotten tooth.  And you know the dentist isn’t making that up, because porcelain costs more.  So now I have a gold tooth.  That looks like I bought it at the dollar store, according to the husband.

It’s awful far back in my mouth.  Which makes it awful hard for people to see my new bling.  Which is why I need the grill.

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