don’t even try to out-nerd me …

I just threw my husband a murder-myster dinner party.  Not only that, but I wrote the mystery myself.

Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, and there were some great costumes:  A butler in a tuxedo, and a vet in scrubs and stethoscope, to name a few.  Unfortunately, the husband was in charge of party pictures and he didn’t want any, so there are no pictures of the memorable event.

The mystery involved some great props:  kitty x-rays (google ‘cat xray,’ and print out what you find on a transparency), a scrap-book of the deceased, bottles of medicine, bottles of repackaged medicine with hand-written labels, ‘poisoned’ cat treats, and an empty vial of stolen drugs.  Ok, so I made them all so of course I thought they were great – but as someone who loves puzzles, I wanted to put in tangible elements of the story that people could use to figure out whodunnit. 

Not all the props were clues – some were just fun (like the x-rays) – but I was pleased to find that people did pick up on the hints I left.  They weren’t obvious – not everybody caught on right away – but they were all eventually sniffed out.

I want to make a few edits, and get the husband to look over everything and provide suggestions (he’s way more creative at that stuff than me), and then I’ll post the complete story for people to use for free.  I feel fairly certain that it was better than the mystery I paid real money for last year, so I think ‘free’ is a fair price.  🙂 

EDIT:  So I just looked at my google analytics, and I got a hit from someone searching ‘free murder mystery dinner script’!!  So I’ll try to hurry and get it out there, so the next googler won’t have to be disappointed.  🙂

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I’m so impressed by your murder mystery dinner! I’ve often thought somthing like that might be fun … but kitty x-rays! That had to be great.

Above is a link to my knitting blog. I am such a dork.

Right now my computer is dead and I’m waiting for the replacement, so there aren’t any recent updates. But there are lots of cat photos.

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