happy new year!

I rang in last year with my lego batmobile. This year, it’s lego star wars for the ps3.

Now, I am not a serious gamer – I prefer mah jong and solitaire to the generally more reflex-testing console games. But the lego star wars game is just plain fun – and no serious skill needed. If you die, no biggie, you lose some coins and come back to life. Have no coins? Whatever, come back to life anyway! It’s all good.

The cut scenes are truly a delight – they tell the star wars story, but with lego characters. Someone lose a head? Off pops the lego head. Someone lose a hand? Off pops the lego appendage. No gore, just pure silly lego fun.

And the two player functionality is awesome – a second person can just join and leave whenever they want – no commitment required. This has actually come in handy on some of the more difficult maneuvers – while chasing darth maul up and across and over platforms (lots of jumping required), the husband and I just couldn’t seem to get it together and both make all the jumps. Sometimes I’d miss, and end up dragging him down with me. Rarely, it was he who would miss, and we’d both go plummeting back down to the beginning. So what to do? I dropped out until he made it all the way to the top, then joined back in. My qui-gonn, as the computer, had managed all the jumps just fine.

We’ve made it to episode III fairly quickly, which is a plus. Games that drag on for too long get frustrating, and then I never finish them. Once we make it to the end, the game isn’t over – you can replay the levels with any characters you choose. Last night, the husband and I replayed one of our beaten levels as qui-gonn and darth maul. It did make getting to the end of the level a little difficult however, as we kept feeling the need to kill each other …

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