happy, happy birthday!

To my favorite sister!  17 is a big year, it’s the year you, uh, dream about all the freedom you’ll have NEXT year!  In a nutshell, here’s all the GREAT things you have to look forward to this year:

The realization that you are probably within an inch of your final height.  I did manage to grow half an inch in college, rounding me out at an even 5’6″.  But, well, since I was already telling everybody that I was 5’6″, it was an empty victory.

SATs.  ACTs.  Blech, can you believe they make you pay MONEY for the honor of taking a TEST that is 3 hours TOO LONG?  And then, a few weeks after you’re done, they send you your results that sum you up into a percentile with all the other high school students in the nation.  And, depending on your results, you may end up signing up for another 4-hour Saturday morning of torture.

College applications, complete with essays.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget the check.  Don’t worry, they are just getting you into the habit of handing over money for your education.

Scholarship applications, complete with even more essays.  Be sure to keep track of all the various deadlines, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to get someone else to foot your bills.  I realize you don’t know what it’s like to foot your own bills – but trust me, it’s not any fun.

Ok, so maybe not all that stuff sounds like the highlights of your next year.  Surely, you’ll have more fun hanging out with your friends, going to dances, dating, cruising around town, and being up to no good.  🙂

Hope your birthday is a good one!

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I think I found an error in your post, “dating, cruising around town,” but other than that, your sentiment is spot on. Although… nevermind.

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