tiny sony speakers

Woohoo!  If you google ‘tiny sony speakers’, guess what the first hit is?  You guessed it,!

A few weeks ago, ‘tiny sony speakers’ showed up on my google analytics as search terms that somebody used to get to my site.  I laughed, as I realized they must be getting to my post about the Tysons Corner Mall.  What a disappointment that must have been – someone was looking for, well, tiny sony speakers, and instead found an ode to my favorite shopping establishment.

Well, those search terms have risen to the top of my search terms list, with 4 whole people.  That’s right, there are 4 people who were sadly disappointed with my mall raves instead of a tech review or perhaps an online merchant.  Looking further down the list, there are 3 people who discovered how much I love my ‘cowgirl pants,’ and one person who has discovered my love for the ‘choco cherry love blizzard dairy queen.’

I can’t imagine that anybody who has found my site through googling has really, truly, found what they were looking for.  (Well, except maybe the 3 people who googled ‘akaemi.’)  But, hey, I don’t care – I’ll take visitors any way I can get them.  🙂

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