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don’t even try to out-nerd me …

I keep a camera in my bathroom, so I can be sure to capture a picture of my cat drinking out of the toilet. And why is this so nerdly, you might ask? Because once I capture that perfect picture of my cat, standing on his tippy toes of his back legs, with one paw wrapped around the porcelain bowl, and with his head sunk deep in the basin, I will have a most perfect lolcat.

(If you don’t know what an lolcat is, you really need to check out the link, or google lolcats. Otherwise, you might as well stop reading.)

With a picture of my cat with his head in the toilet, the possibilities are endless! From hangover-kitty, to reconsidering-that-mexican-place cat, to plumber-kitty, to oh-what-tastiness cat – I could go on and on. And with the help of my husband – and my loyal readers – I’m sure I could come up with a myriad of hilarious captions.

So – what have you? I’ll keep working on the picture – give me some captions!

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