It’s a gray, rainy day today. But not dreary! It is saved from being dreary by the bright display of foliage, everywhere you look.

I grew up in a place where fall was just another dreary rainy season, if you could even call it a season. The biggest change that occurred was that it was ten degrees cooler than summer. Winter brought a drop of another 10 degrees, then spring brought it back up to fall temps. There is something nice about a moderate climate, the temperature always between 50 and 70 degrees – but there are definitely things you miss out on.

Like fall! I was first introduced to fall (and butt-cold winders, and the wondrous arrival of spring) when I went to college. The leaves on the trees changed colors! No evergreens in Utah. It was a beautiful transformation to watch, and I even found myself going on ‘fall drives’ through Provo Canyon just to take in the trees.

Fall is even more pronounced in Virginia. Today, as I drove through the rain on my way home from work, I marveled at all the vibrant colors. Oranges, yellows, reds, even some purple. All the trees, all different colors, right next to each other, a fluffy rainbow. I was struck by the sudden urge to paint it, and then I realized that I don’t paint. In fact, I’m not even remotely artistic.

My tree is already dropping leaves, which means it will soon be time for weekly rakings. Even then, I hope to continue to enjoy my favorite season.

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