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sooo comfy Late last year, b3 asked for my address.  Assuming he had decided he was an adult and was sending out Christmas cards for the first time, I gave him the address and didn’t think anything more of it.

I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks later to find a package in the mail.  When I opened it, I found a super-comfy long-sleeved t-shirt, courtesy of b3.  I was even more pleasantly surprised to find that he had managed to pick the right size for maximum comfy-ness!

With winter currently transitioning to spring, I’ll have to put it away soon.  But that just means I’ll be excited all over again when falls rolls around and I unpack all my cold-weather clothes.  🙂

11 thoughts on “my favorite things”

  1. B3 says:

    WooHoo, I made it to the blog!

  2. B3 says:

    Hey, can you teach me how to make tater-tots at the family reunion?
    Maybe you can do that while I sit and listen to your Hubby play guitar and sing Cumbayah, or maybe the Ballad of Jayne Cobb.

  3. B3 says:

    I wonder, how many comments I can leave on this page?

  4. B3 says:

    how many people go through all these comments?

  5. B3 says:

    I’m glad that it decided to stop snowing here in Idaho, but that could change at any moment here.

  6. B3 says:

    Did I tell you that my new laptop should be here tomorrow?

  7. B3 says:

    Databases are sooo fun! }:-) <- He’s a unibrow smiley! {:-( <- He’s a unibrow frowny.

  8. B3 says:

    have you ever visited ?
    its has some cool stuff on it
    like “¿Que Hora Es?”

  9. B3 says:

    Wow, I’ve made 8, well 9 with this one, posts already!
    and no body got between any of my comments!

  10. B3 says:

    well, my class is over, time to go home!

  11. B3 says:

    So, it looks like the UPS man stopped by my apartment, but no one was there to sign for it

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