my kitty loves me when I’m sick

And no, it’s not because he can sense my misery.  It’s not because he wants to comfort me.

It is because I am warm and stationary.

I normally suffer from the compulsion to keep moving – there’s always dishes and laundry to be done, dinner to be made, blogs to write, wow to play, animals to knit, vacations to plan, papers to file.  While I may spend several hours every evening sitting, I don’t do it all in one block of time.  The cats know this, so they don’t usually try to sit in my lap.

But tonight, I have been parked on the couch all evening.  I enjoyed a nice nap.  I balanced the checkbook.  The husband made dinner (frozen pizza!  someday I will teach him the pesky vegetable-dinner rule) and brought it to me.  I watched the last half of O Brother, Where Art Thou.  I played solitaire.  I watched House.  I surfed the internet.

All without leaving my couch!  And so now forge is curled up next to me, purring.  Hmm, I get the feeling he’d like me to be sick more often …

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Haha, you know the vegetable-dinner rule. Like that you should eat a vegetable at dinner. Tomato sauce on a frozen pizza doesn’t really count …

I think it’s only our family who know it’s a rule. But at most dinner’s if a vegetable isn’t already in what we’re eating we heat up corn or greenbeans, or any number of ‘healthy’ vegetables.

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