kids say the darndest things

Conversation I never thought I’d have with two 9-year-old boys:

me: <breaks up horseplay between two of my students, scratching one with my ring in the process>

li’l n: Oh, wow! Is that a diamond?

me: Yes, it’s a diamond.

me in my head: Because I’m a MARRIED GROWN UP LADY and we wear such things on our hands.

li’l g: Oh, is that white gold?

me: No, it’s platinum.

li’l g: Oh wow, that’s better than white gold. <5 minute discourse on white gold, the nickel it contains, why wouldn’t you want your gold to just look like gold>

li’l n: <inspects my ring closely> Oh, it’s just like my mom’s.

me in my head: Exactly. Because I am old enough to be your mom.

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You know when you’re fifty and they’re asking hubby if you’re his daughter you’ll be happy for your genes (four times to your mom in the hospital visiting me).

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