eighty pounds?!? I sure could use a husband about now …

So, last night I picked up some bookcases at ikea.  Bookcases that get packaged in nice, neat flat boxes.  Nice, neat 65 and 80 pound flat boxes.

I got them into the baja ok (which, turns out, is kind of pretty awesome – with the pass-thru open and the bed extender down, the 7 ft boxes were no problem), by lifting one end at a time and sliding, it wasn’t too difficult.

But then the task of getting them into the house: up a curb and then three steps.  An 80-pound bookshelf and two 65-pounders.  Being your average girl, I can’t really carry half my body weight – I’m good for a quick burst (i.e., get the 70-pound luggage into the back of a car), but into the house isn’t really a quick burst.

Luckily we have a dolly, and none of the neighbors were out to watch me attempt things way beyond my ability.  I managed to get the boxes into the house without doing major damage to myself (or the bookcases).

But it sure woulda been easier with a husband … I guess they are good for something.  🙂

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