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on my own

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The husband is in Vegas for the rest of the week for work and play.  So that means that I get to do whatever I want!  woohoo!  I sent him off with a walletful of play money, so I think that means I get to go on a shopping spree …

So the first order of business for tonight was to stop off randomly on my way home from work for a cheeseless taco and burrito.  (Which are surprisingly not bad – way better, than, say, a cheeseless pizza …)  And now I’m working on a box of teddy grahams.  And there’s no guilt about spoiling my dinner, because I just had my dinner!  And no worries about what the husband is going to eat.  I suspect Toby Keith will take care of him.

Second order of business was to turn the thermostat up.  To 73!  mwuhahahaha, farewell couch blankets.

Ok, that was fun.  I’m starting to get lonely now ….

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