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party time: day 4

Did the chores (dishes, a load of laundry, turtle feeding) before heading out to DC.  The dad got himself a trolley ticket, and I rode for free.  We rode the bus around, hopping off to visit the Kennedys and watch the changing of the guard, see the Lincoln, Korean, WWII and Washington Monuments, and read the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Ate lunch at the Reagan building, where apparently you need to show a picture ID and get metal-detected for the honor of a sandwich.  I got a Lafayette Plaza and the dad got an Independence from the 14th street deli.  Both excellent – if a little unorthodox – sandwiches.  

Got some nice views of Union Station, the White House, the Capitol, the National Cathedral, the Howdy Doody hotel, Freedom Plaza, Mr. Jefferson‘s back, the tidal basin, the Potomac, the Kennedy Center, the smallest house in Georgetown, and embassy row. 

All in all, the trolley ride was well worth the dad’s $35 …

Got home exhausted and called in a carry-out order to Buffalo Wing Factory for dinner.  And found out that when you ask for extra celery with your wings, you really get extra celery.  The order wasn’t quite ready when the husband and I showed up to pick it up, so he passed the time by trading in 75 cents for a little purple bear.  Which will soon join my collection of stuffed animals rescued from claw-machines.

Fell asleep on the couch while the husband and dad watched some Star Trek: TNG on tv. 

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Hello there. I am the Director of Marketing at the Ronald Reagan Building and am delighted to hear you enjoyed your meal at our food court. When you have the opportunity, you really should try our restaurants (located outside the building, so not ID check). The venues are Aria Trattoria and Aria Fresca (our outdoor patio that also features a great happy hour Mon-Fri).

My best.

I had no idea that you could ride the trolley free with a paying adult! Damn, I wish I would have known that about, oh, a million times before I’ve had to traipse through the city with all of our visiting guests!

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