party time!

Today marks the beginning of my staycation!  I just cleaned out my desk and left my old job, and my new one isn’t expecting me till the end of the month.  I love summer vacation!  And this one’s even better than school vacations, because when I go back to work, I’ll be making more money, have a shorter commute, have more vacation time, and I’ll be able to wear jeans every day.


I have 17 days of not going to work to look forward to.  17 days of wonderful, wonderful vacation.  17 days of waking up whenever I want to.  17 days of doing whatever I want to.


The first 7 days will be playing tourist with the dad, who is flying in tonight.  He’s been to DC before, but only got to spend an afternoon downtown.  This time, he’s going to do it right.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.  Hmm, with him HERE for a week, methinks the giant google-stalkalytics dots over his home city and work city will shrink mightily.

The next 10 days will maybe be organizing the house, and painting the basement.  If I can decide on a color.

I’m ruling out a giant shopping spree, seeing as me not working for 17 days means dipping into savings for 17 days.  But maybe a little shopping spree might be all right … (shh, don’t tell the husband …)


I am sooooo looking forward to the next 17 days. 


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