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cruise control pleeeeeeeze :'(

In July, while on a mini-roadtrip with the sis, I discovered that my cruise control wasn’t working.  I made a mental note.  On my next oil change, I had them take a look, and they determined that I needed a new cruise control deactivation sensor – a part that they didn’t have in stock and would need to order.  (Trip 1 to the mechanic.)  They said if I’d call a few days ahead of when I next brought my car in, they could order the part.

So, early March, I decided I should get the cruise control fixed, on account of a mid-April roadtrip the husband and I are taking to celebrate year #4 of staying-married-ness.  I called a week ahead of time to make an appointment for an oil change and to get my cruise control fixed.  I TOLD the man they would need to order the part, that they should know which part, it should be in their system.  He told me they didn’t keep past service records AND that they could get ANY part same day.  Whatev, I knew he was lying through his teeth to me, the stupid li’l girl, but I figured I had the following Saturday free as well.  So I planned to take it in one Saturday for the oil change and for them to say, “oh, durrrrr, lemme order that part, it should be in by next week.”  So I took my car in for the oil change that Saturday.  (Trip 2 to the mechanic.)  And scheduled another visit for the following Saturday, after they realized they needed a part from Ford, and that it would take a few days to get it.

So I went back the following week.  They had ordered the part.  They were ready to install.  But, oh, it was the wrong part in the box.  Could I come back in a couple days?  (Trip 3 to the mechanic.)

So I went back one afternoon, after work.  I took off a little early to get there.  I forgot to pick up the car that evening, so I dropped the husband off at the mechanic the following morning on my way to work.  (It’s the car he drives.)  They got another mis-boxed part from Ford.  So the husband told them to shove it, that he’d find somebody else to fix it.  They didn’t care, and agreed that might be best.  (Trip 4 to the mechanic.)

I made an appointment with a Ford dealership, in the hopes that they would possibly have the part in stock.  I told them what I needed, but they said they’d want to check it out to figure it out for themselves.  I also had a long overdue recall on the car (the back latch sometimes flies open in a wreck, apparently), so I figured I’d have them fix that while they were at it.  The day arrived, they fixed the recall, but needed to order a part.  Could I come back next week?  (Trip 5 to the mechanic.)  I scheduled my next appointment.

I returned to the Ford dealership today, to finally get my cruise control fixed.  They replaced the faulty part.  And then they discovered there is ANOTHER part of the cruise control that is also broken.  Could I come back Friday?  They’ll give me a loaner and everything!  (Trip 6 to the mechanic.)

So, I will be returning on Friday.  For my 7th attempt at getting my cruise control fixed.  The road trip is April 10, so here’s hoping this one last part is all they need …

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