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some basement pics

Ok, I’m still sick, but much less cranky now.  So here’s some screenshots of my preliminary basement design.

Pretend the shark is a turtle.  In a giant rubbermaid tub.  I’ve been doing some research, and apparently it is downright cruel to keep a tortoise in a clear enclosure – they’ll continually try to walk through anything they can see through.  So it looks like it’s rubbermaid for poor tortellini – though I think I’ll spring for a new one with the basement remodel, she’s probably tired of blue by now.

Oh, and pretend the series of desks in the corner is really one sleek corner desk.  The furniture selection in my software leaves much to be desired.

And also the hideous CRT monitor is really a 19″ LCD tv.


basement floorplan

Some screenshots:

basement - standing on the kami desk

basement - standing in the fireplace

basement - standing on the exercise bike

basement - standing on the husband’s desk

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