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The husband and I have run into a dilemma with our basement remodel.  Namely, the fireplace.

We have never used the fireplace; it’s just too much work.  Plus we’re not really fireplace people; we had a gas fireplace in our old apartment that I used all 3 times – and all I had to do was flip a switch. 

The fireplace is also very outdated.  The house was built in 1992, and it’s really starting to look it.  The brass accents on the fireplace door and the marble hearth were top-notch, I’m sure, when the house was born – but it really doesn’t jive for me today.

We use the basement as more of a den; it is where the desks, computers and books live.  Oh yeah, and an exercise bike.  Oh, and our old set of couches that we can’t seem to craigslist so they’ll be going out for trash pickup one of these Thursdays.  Oh, and that’s where the turtle lives.  In a giant rubbermaid bin.  Oh, and I can’t forget Jimmy

So we want a multi-purpose room, but we’re having a hard time placing everything.  What with a fireplace in one corner.  A fireplace with a mantle, so we’d have to tear it off to, say, hide it with bookshelves ….

We’re also having a hard time picking a paint color.

And also a hard time figuring out where, exactly, you stop painting a room when it is just a large open space whose last wall goes up the stairs.

The husband just wants to dump the couches, buy himself a new desk, paint, replace the 13″ tv/vcr with a 19″ lcdtv, and call it done.

While I’d like to turn it into something less … eclectic.  And with recessed lighting!  And a fancy new fireplace!  And an actual terrarium for the poor turtle!  And with fancy bookshelves with little doors on the bottom!  And fancy leather seating!

I’ve been doing some 3D modeling, but I’m sick and cranky right now, so I don’t have the patience to take screen shots to post … so they may or may not be coming later …

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My two cents:

Have them install a bookcase, but pull it away from the wall and hollow out the space behind it. Then have one of the books be a fake book, so that when you pull it out, it opens a door to your secret lair.

That would be sweeeetttt.

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