it tastes like burning …

I remember, as a teenager, having a discussion with a friend out eating kiwis.  She said you could eat the skin.  I maintained that you couldn’t – because, well, eating kiwi fuzz burned.  Even if it only touched your lips.  She looked at me like I was a freak, and that’s when it hit me:  perhaps I had a kiwi allergy.

But eating just the fruity insides was fine, I convinced myself.  Since it didn’t cause pain.

Having just had a root canal on the left side of my mouth, I had been eating mostly on the right side.  The other day at lunch, after eating a kiwi, I noticed a strange thing:  the right side of my mouth was … sort of … burning.  It wasn’t that bad, and it dawned on me how if my entire mouth was burning, I might not even notice.  Like probably every other time in my life that I’ve eaten a kiwi.

On the allergy severity scale, my kiwi allergy is extremely minor:  mild burning for 20 minutes after contact.  No hives, no need for an epi-pen to open up my airways.  Still, though, I think I might pass on kiwis from here on out, because now I will be distracted by the taste of burning.

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