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An interesting thing has happened since I’ve started blogging:  nobody needs to talk to me anymore.  They already know what’s up with me; they’ve read my blog.  (The only person who this doesn’t hold true for is b3, who doesn’t read my blog, because, well, that would involve reading.  Oh, and b2, who is currently having trouble with the ladeez and somehow thinks I might have some insight for him …)

I didn’t notice at first, it’s been a slow decline.  And, well, I tend to shy away from actual contact with other human beings, so it wasn’t something that even registered on my radar.  But now that I’ve noticed, I do kind of wonder what’s going on with everyone else …

Another side-effect of blogging, is that now there are people who know me, and I don’t know them.  Neighbors, work colleagues, church acquaintances.  My blog is my heart and soul, right there on the internet for anyone to see.  Not that I mind; I mean, I’m the one who puts it all out there.  But – it means that, for the mere price of a few minutes invested in reading my silly little thoughts, a person can really get a glimpse into all of my crazies.  And they don’t have to share any crazies back.  All of y’all have something on me – and I got nothin’ on you.

So – if you feel so inclined – please do let me know where your blogs reside.  I’d like to know what’s going on with you!  And well, I mean, an actual conversation, in person, is just a little too much … (Oh, and for the husband’s friends, I think I’ve already got you all on my google reader.)

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b2 should get b3’s cheesecake recipe. (Mom will tell you that it’s actually her recipe). I hear all his pie pans are at different girl’s apartments now.

lol, b3 told me he was thinking about making spaghetti sauce with a sweet onion tonight – and asked me if I’d ever had such a concoction. Sure … I’ve had all the different flavors of Ragu …. surely that’s one of ’em …

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