ode to transfats

I know that transfats are evil and unnatural, but I really kinda miss them.

Junk food just isn’t the same without transfats. I know that other fats have risen to the challenge to take the place of my dearly departed transfats, but they don’t quite do the job. Doritos, oreos, microwave popcorn and mcdonald’s french fries have suddenly become lacking. There’s something slightly different about the flavors, the textures – and there is certainly something different about the addictive qualities.

I can’t eat a whole bag of microwave popcorn anymore. I get bored with doritos before I get anywhere close to half the bag. Oreos? 2 or 3 will do it. And PLEASE get me a bucket of ketchup if you expect me to eat all the fries in my happy meal.

The death of transfats means that junk food has risen right to the top of my food pyramid, where I guess it shoulda been all along. Goodbye, transfats. Now if they could just do something about high fructose corn syrup, maybe I could kick all my food vices …

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