a new winner!

It is official:  the number-one keyword search that brought people to my site over the last 30 days was ‘cowgirl pants.’  With 3 hits, it has overcome the previous champion, ‘akaemi.’  Which, um, if you can spell akaemi right to google it, how hard is it to just put akaemi.com in the url bar?

Just sayin’.

don’t even try to out-nerd me …

I answer complex coding problems in my sleep! 

For the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a trend:

Tuesday through Saturday, around 5 am, I am struck with a thought.  And not just any thought – the answer to a problem that I walked away from at work the afternoon before.

This morning, it was the realization that my java object contained a java.sql.Date, NOT a java.util.Date, and so of course my JSON serialization would be off. 

I’m hoping for the magic solution to dealing with circular references in my hibernate objects tomorrow morning.

I love my unconscious mind … now if only I were that smart ALL the time.  THEN I might be able to get some work done.


Woohoo!  Time for vacation #3 of the year.  🙂 

This trip takes us to the left coast and blizzcon.  I know, I know, we went to blizzcon last year, but the husband really wanted to see the diablo III unveiling.  And well, I’m not exactly complaining.  🙂

Yikes, I just consulted weather.com, and anaheim is 93 degrees right now.  The weekend forecast calls for 50 to 80 degree weather – let’s hope that holds true.

Vacations one and two of the year didn’t involve planes, so this’ll be our first flight with checked bag fees.  For the first bag!  Seriously unfair.  Needless to say, I’ve been consulting the tsa rules, and I think we’re now compliant with the 3-1-1.  So we – and every other person on the plane – can take our bags carry-on and fight over the limited overhead space.  I’m not much of a fighter, but the husband can be imposing when he wants to be, so I think we’ll be ok. 

I’ll get pics up of this year’s convention, and the husband will likely blog about all the game-ey stuff.  Me, I’m looking forward to my polar bear mount (my Venym is currently riding a chicken – a CHICKEN!!!  They put FIRE PONIES in the game, and then they force some characters to ride chickens).  Ooh, and the candy booth, if it’s back.  I sure could use a pound of fudge …

good thing it wasn’t knickers

In anticipation of my bathroom being finished, I looked online for the perfect floor mirror, and found it at shop.com for a reasonable price.  After some negotiation with the husband (‘well, the OTHER one I like is $700 …’), I purchased it and then went about my other internet business.

Imagine my surprise when I logged into facebook to update my status to something else obnoxious about why my bathroom isn’t done, and found that my recent purchase was RIGHT THERE.  In facebook.  On the page where it tells you about all the things your friends are up to.  And it wanted to know if I wanted to inform all my friends about my purchase.  Oh, and did I want to automatically tell them all about all my shop.com purchases?

Um, no thanks.

Besides the fact that my facebook ‘friends’ don’t really care what I buy, it’s really kind of obnoxious.  Plus, I don’t want them all to know what terrible taste I have.  Or how cheap I am.  I reserve that honor for my real friends; that’s right, for the 6 people who read my blog.

workin’ from home

Is really kind of awesome!  At my new job, we get to work from home as long as we don’t abuse the privilege (i.e., when you have to sit at home during a 6-hour window for a 3-minute service call).

I had to wait for the not-blind blind man to come measure the basement sliding glass door so we can get new vertical blinds put up – which took him all of 37 seconds.  So I left work early this afternoon – which meant I was 2 hours behind on my workday.

But, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I was able to vpn into my work network and remote desktop to my machine.  And work for two hours! 

My tiny little laptop screen isn’t the best thing for juggling a java ide, two web browsers (gotta make my web app work in IE and FF …), an oracle ide, notepad++, and my services manager, but it works well enough.  Especially since now I’ll be able to have a regular-ol’ 8-hour friday tomorrow. 

don’t even try to out-nerd me …

I spent 5 times as much money on computers & electronics last year than I did on personal care.

The husband and I had our quarterly* money conference last week, so I printed out our spending habits, using Quicken’s handy report-maker.

To be fair, the husband and I COMBINED spent 5 times as much money on computers & electronics than on personal care.  If you pull us apart, though, I think I still come in 4 to 1. 

So the laptop, camera, tv, software and various computer bits heavily outweigh my visits to the salon, shampoo purchases (I recently upgraded from Suave to that Australian stuff!), and make-up purchases (in the last 12 months: 1 bottle of generic-red nail polish).   

 I think you know what that means:  time for me to pick up the pace on my lady spending! 

*Our goal is ‘quarterly.’  We’ve been married 4 years …. and have had 2 or 3 ….

don’t even try to out-nerd me …

On our way out of town this weekend, the husband and I ran into horrendous traffic.  Like we were on 95 for an hour and had only traveled 7 miles.

So what to do?  The husband whipped out his handy-dandy palm treo and google mapped us up some new directions.  We hopped off the misery of 95, and headed down 17.  And then route 1.  And finally route 208.  It may not have ended up much faster, but it was certainly more pleasant to be in MOVING traffic than sitting amongst all the people headed to the beach. 

don’t even try to out-nerd me …

I was born without much of a fashion sense.  Or the ability to really find clothes that fit right.  I drool when I watch ‘What not to wear’ because I’d LOVE for someone to take me aside and dress me ‘right.’

So I was doing a little googlin’ the other day and I found a most wondrous website:  myshape.com.  I punch in all my measurements (and I mean ALL – they have you enter in about 100 different measurements), and then they provide me with a selection of clothes that will FIT me.  And be flattering on my body type.

That’s right.  I found a WEBSITE to tell me what clothes to wear if I want to be fashionable.  How awesome is that?  I don’t even have to talk to anybody! 

And they also tell me what SIZE to get – which is awesome when you’re talking about buying clothes off the net.  Sometimes I’m an extra small – and sometimes I’m a medium.  It just depends on the mood of the designer.

The only downside is the cost of the clothes on the site.  I’ve never bought a pair of $150 jeans; I’ve never even considered it.  I don’t own any shirts that cost over $60.  They put together suggested outfits – which look fabulous – but I’ve never gone out in a $500 outfit before.  Not even my wedding dress … Which I suppose is greatly hindering my ability to be fashionable.

Maybe one of these days I’ll take the plunge into fashionable.  It’s great to know I can accomplish it with just a click of my mouse.

don’t even try to out-nerd me …

Fire pony, fire pony, I finally got my fire pony!

Years ago, the first time I ever laid eyes one, I had a conversation with the husband that went something like this:

Me: Wow!  How do I get a fire pony?!

The husband:  A what? 

Me:  A fire pony!  I just saw someone run by on a horse that was ON FIRE!

The husband:  Oh.  A felsteed?  You have to be a warlock to get one.

Me:  A warlock?  What’s a warlock?

The husband:  A warlock is one of the classes in wow.  You are a hunter.  You can’t get a felsteed.

Me:  Oh.  But you told me I could pick my mount when I got to 40.

The husband:  Yes …. within reason, though.  You can’t pick a felsteed.

Me:  Oh.  <pout>

But I rolled a warlock awhile back, and I finally got him to 40.  And now, I have my very own fire pony!