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Feminism and Star Trek

Those of you who know me, know that I’m kind of a raging feminist.

When did this happen, you might ask? I can trace it back to when I was 5 years old and my dad told me I couldn’t be a cub scout. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how a feminist is born.

But I digress.

So, Star Trek portrays a future in which humanity has transcended all the things that divide us and it’s just all a happy joy fest.

Or … does it?

It’s been 30 years since Star Trek TNG, and the actors seem much more willing to talk about the dirt.

Like, why did Beverly Crusher leave after the first season? Because Gates McFadden wouldn’t shut up and stay out of the writers’ room. She kept pointing out that Beverly Crusher is a doctor, a research scientist, no less. With a genius son. Which surely means that she would have intellectual discussions with her genius son. And would it kill them to put some of those intellectual discussions on screen?

Yes. Yes it would. One writer in particular issued an ultimatum to the show runners: she goes or I go. And so she went.

But the fans! The fans would not have it. She came back for season 3. And lo and behold, that writer was no longer there.

That is a principled feminist. She lost her job over it. This story has a happy-ish ending in that she did get her job back, but she had no reason to think that would be the case when she was fighting her fight.

Enter Marina Sirtis. Now, I know when actors get on stage in front of thousands of people, they put on a show. And at a Trek convention, it’s reasonable to expect representation in the crowd from the Red Pill community. So I won’t hold her to all of her words, but based on the things she said on stage … she sure didn’t sound like a friend to woman-kind. She very much sounded like she is fighting no fight, and is quite content to watch others duke it out.

Statement 1: She admitted that the TNG crew is quite clique-ish, and they don’t let new people in. Except for Karl Urban and Nathan Fillion. Because new, good-looking men are always welcome – but not new ladies.

On the surface, that does sound very feminist. Men have harems, right? So we ladies should have harems, too!

But, lets couple that with …

Statement 2: Women producers are not helping women! They rise to power, and then they aren’t any better than the men! They aren’t hiring more women.

Well, consider this: If a woman has risen to power, but has only ever surrounded herself with men in the process (which, may have even been instrumental in her success, even) then how will she hire more women? She doesn’t know any.

Feminism means different things to different people, I get that. We all have different ideas as to how we all get a seat at the table, and whose responsibility it is to make sure everyone gets an invite. And there’s certainly something to be said for not turning every moment into something combative.

But as for me, I’m tired of waiting. I’ll take a fighter. I’m happy to know there are others out there making a difference, and I’ll keep fighting my fight in my own tiny bubble of the world.


girly shopping travel

berkeley springs, here I come!

I’ve been dreaming about a spa retreat for months now, and I’ve been saving my allowance.  (No, seriously, the husband and I get an ‘allowance’ – that way we don’t feel guilty when we buy silly little – or big – things that are purely for our own enjoyment.  It works pretty well for us.)

After doing some research, I finally booked a trip to Berkeley Springs, WV.  It is less than 2 hours away, and it is, well, pretty cheap.  I expect it to be a ‘quaint’ and ‘rustic’ trip – not quite the 5-star pampering I first imagined in a spa retreat – but I think it’ll be a nice break.  You know, from my hectic life of … working 8 hours a day.  With no kids.  And minimal housework (that’s what cleaning ladies are for!)  And plenty of free time to knit and stuff.  But, whatever.  Even the spoiled deserve some, uh, spoiling …

The 4th of July holiday is soon arriving, and that is when my solo adventure starts.  I’ve booked a ‘charming’ room in a B&B, complete with ‘gourmet’ breakfasts and an ‘opulent’ dinner.  And don’t forget the claw-foot tub!  I’ve booked a mani/pedi at tripadvisor‘s second rated Berkeley Springs spa.  And I’ve booked a half spa day at tripadvisor’s highest rated spa.

All for the same price as a day at a spa in northern Virginia.  Plus, I get several blocks of cute shops to spend (what remains of my) allowance in!

Happy 4th, everyone!


conversation with a stewardess

almost my purse

stewardess: Cute handbag!

me: Oh, uh, thanks!

stewardess: Is that an X-O?

me: <blank stare>

me in my head: <crickets>  Is that a purse brand?

me: Oh, I don’t th – I don’t know, do they sell that at Target? 

me in my head: And does it cost $4?

girly shopping

a little bit luxe

So while on my Kohling adventures, I took a stroll through the towels to try to find something suitable for my new bathroom.

With sage-green walls and light-taupe tile, I was leaning toward an orangey-rusty accent color, but the husband nixed that idea.  He hates red, orange, and everything in that color family, so that was a no-go.  Seeing that the master bath is where he starts the day, I figure he should get some say in how it’s decorated.

So we decided on purple.  But purple is kind of on the outs in bath colors at the moment, so it’s been hard to find a shade + texture that met my standards.  Every kind of green is available, as are neutrals (white, ivory, taupe, brown, chocolate, it’s all in your local bath store).  But purple is a more elusive find.

But I found the towels!  By none other than Vera Wang.  They are thick and luxurious, and they come in a lovely plum that accents my sage bathroom nicely.

And the husband approves.  So now I have wonderfully luxurious plum and taupe towels for my new bathroom.  Now all I need is bathroom shelves (or maybe a bench?), and my new room will be complete.

girly shopping

want, volume 2

vera wang bagToday at Kohls on my quest for jeans that fit (yay for curvy Levis!), I saw something that made me stop and take a look:  Vera Wang hand bags.

I love purses.  At any given time, I try to keep my collection to less than ten, but it’s hard.  I have to admit, I can’t tell the difference between a vuitton or a or a spade, and I will likely never own a ‘real’ purse.  My vera wang green bagpurses all come from Target, Penneys or Kohls.

But back to the purses!  They are a little larger than I’m used to, but they are oh-so pretty.  I’m considering saving up my allowance to buy my first over-$50 purse.  Or maybe I’ll just wait for a crazy-sale day …

girly nerdly

don’t even try to out-nerd me …

Actual exchange between the husband and myself, after I came home from the spa:

The husband:  Did they do something to your face?  It looks … different.

Me:  Different how?  Good different or bad different?  Is it a different color??  Am I splotchy???

The husband:  No … it’s …. crisper … like when you make the jump from SD* to HD**.

Me:  Oh, thanks!  Maybe I’ll get facials more often …

*SD = Standard Definition – as in a regular tv signal

**HD = High Definition – as in a fancy new tv signal


spaaaaaaaaah day

So, back in October, the husband got me a spa package for my birthday.  What with the holidays and life and everything, I wasn’t able to schedule it till today.  Never having gone to the spa except for the ever-so-practical hair removal (threading is the way to go for brows, ladies) and occasional pedicure, I wasn’t quite sure what to think of a completely induldgent spa visit.

It.  was.  wonderful.

Three hours of massage, body scrub and facial later, all I have to say is why have I never done it before?  And whoever invented the hot-towel-on-the-body technique was a geeeeenius.  Totally deserves a Nobel ahhhhhh Prize.  I am so getting one of those hot towel microwave things.

Now, I have to admit I was a little wary at first.  I read all about ‘what to expect at the spa’ online, so I knew there would be disrobing involved.  I got that I needed to be disrobed for a massage and body scrub, but for a facial?  Really, you need to not have pants on for a facial?  Isn’t that sort of the opposite side of the body from your face?

It wasn’t nearly as awkward as I had expected.  The masseuse and body scrubber were experts at keepin-the-bits-covered.  They had a multitude of towels at their disposal to flip and fold whichever way was necessary so as to keep those things we call ‘private’, well, private.

And it seems that a facial also includes a foot massage.  Hence the need for no pants.  As well as a shoulder and arm massage.  Hence the need for no top.  And tons of hot towels.  Aaahhhhhh.

And now I think it’s time for a nap.  Right after some chocolate-dipped strawberries …