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Li’l Pinchers

Love these guys!

Ever since I jumped on the instant pot bandwagon, I’ve been in need of an easier way to handle the blazingly hot inner pot.

Enter the mini silicone pinch mitts!

I had just decided I needed some of these guys, when Christmas happened to roll around. And the in-laws did a saran wrap ball as part of the holiday festivities. After all the goodies (and not-so-goodies? disposable underwear surely wasn’t on anyone’s wish list …), we traded amongst each other to get the things we really had our eyes on.

Luckily for me, the husband ended up getting one of ‘my’ little pinchers (and what’s ours is … mine …) and the 16-year-old niece was keen to trade away her pincher for cash and chocolate.

So I have a matching set! I can grab the instant pot without ending up with soggy potholders! (Yay for silicone!) And these adorable guys work pretty well for flat cookie sheets and pizza pans.

If you are now also smitten by the need to own your very own adorable li’l pinchers, these guys are made by Daiso. Which I have JUST LEARNED has stores in the US. In TEXAS, even, guys. Time to go do some shopping for adorable-ized household products …

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