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So I’ve got this project to do for the dad, that really won’t take terribly long, I just need to sit down and do it.

But instead of just doing it, I feel like I’m back in college.  Back in college and avoiding my homework …

So far, instead of coding up the dad’s POS (his acronym, not mine, I promise), I bought some pink shirts.  And then I bought some knitting books and yarn.  I’ve eaten some apple pie.

And now, I’m blogging!

After this, I’m thinking about maybe doing the dishes.  Or playing some Lego Harry Potter.  Or Rock Band.  Or doing my wow dailies.  Oh, and practicing my piano!  Oh, and then there’s still some banana cream pie with my name on it …

And THEN, I think I can get to work.

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Not my acronym, actually. Point of sale devices and software can be searched by pos in any browser. Office max and Staples recognize it. But most places want more than a tax deduction from a 501(c)3 ;).

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