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on ravioli

The husband thought he was going to be out for awhile last night, so I was left to my own devices for dinner.  But then when he came home earlier than expected and hungry for a dinner of his own, I offered up my leftovers.

me: Do you want some ravioli?  I had extra.

the husband: um, half a can of ravioli?  That’s not very much.

me:  <blink> <blink> No, it’s real ravioli.  <Getts tupperware from fridge to illustrate point> See?

the husband: <eyes warily>

me: There’s no sauce on it, you can put sauce on it.

the husband: <eyes warily>

me: They just have a little olive oil to keep them from all sticking together.

the husband:  hmm.  <Gets bread from the cupboard>  I think I’ll have a bologna sandwich.

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