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5’10”, baby!

oooh, strappyI’ve always been wary of heels.  There is the discomfort part.  And then there is the wobbly-walking part.  I manage to trip over my own feet when I’m walking in sensible flats; better for me to stay away from extravagant heelage.

The husband’s company party is coming up this weekend, and in an effort to not embarrass him again*, I thought it best to invest in some appropriately flashy shoes.

I sent the husband a link to JC Penney’s ‘evening’ shoes, and asked him to pick out the ones he liked.  He was immediately drawn to a pair of 4″ heeled, 1″ platformed, super strappy, painful looking shoes.  I then asked him for a backup option.

Much to my surprise, however, I found that when I tried them on at the store, I could really walk in them.  Slow to regular speed, of course – there ain’t no obstacle-course running going on in these shoes.

It does take some, uh, serious finagling to get the shoes on.  If there had been anybody watching me try them on at the store, I’m sure they would have suggested I try a larger size.  But once they are on, they fit like a glove, and hence, no wobble.  My normal instinct is to buy my shoes half a size (or more too big) for, you know, comfort, but that has generally backfired for me on my past heel purchases.  Hence my tendency to stay away from them.

Now, these shoes are not comfortable by any stretch of the imagination.  I don’t know if I’ll really be able to wear them all night at his party – I may be saved by the fact that a large portion of the time I will be sitting down.  I did manage to wear them for about 30 minutes tonight, walking up and down two flights of stairs several times, without my feet complaining to me – but now that I have them off, my ankles are quite upset with me.

Better wear the ortholites tomorrow!

*I’ve never really embarrassed him.  What he doesn’t realize is that nobody even notices what I wear to his work parties.  I bet not a one of his coworkers (nor their wives) could tell him what I wore last year.

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The wives do notice, though mine did not recall the time you wore the same blouse as our boss…

BTW, no worries about embarrassment, my wife will have enough cleavage for the whole table. 😉

I’d recommend them! Especially at a JCPenney price (vs. Saks …)

I managed to wear them for 3 hours, 1.5 sitting for dinner, with no troubles. I think I could have done a couple more hours, but definitely not an all day shoe. 🙂

Those shoes are great! And way to go actually wearing them.

For some reason, your comment reply email never works for me … so here’s my mara-reply, too:

My hair is naturally a lot darker now … and especially after this round of hair dye. I’m glad to hear that brunette have plenty of fun …

5′ 10″? How does it feel to be as tall as your little-est brother? oh, I just realized that April is almost over and I haven’t looked at your blog for quite a while, like maybe January.

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