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still breathing

Since the dad is worried about whether or not I’m still alive, I just thought I’d post to say Oklahoma was better than I expected, Berkeley Springs was great, and I’ve been knitting like crazy.  I think I’m seriously addicted …. Anybody want some women’s size medium wool socks?

(To the sister:  I’ve got some fun socks that are shaping up to be a women’s small, I think, after I get them washed.  So those will likely be heading your way.)

Depending on my mood in the coming days, I may or may not expound on the trips mentioned above.  I feel like I should give Berkeley Springs a proper review, as google analytics tells me that no less than 8 people have found my site by googling for ‘Berkeley Springs’.  That almost overtakes ‘cowgirl pants’ as the all-time search-term winner.

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you should know you have some OK heritage-from Allen. thanks for the post. no mens 13 socks?

LOL, no man-socks yet. Maybe I can whip some up by mid-August …

Do you know whereabouts in OK? Luckily for the potential gene pool, Josh’s OK father adopted him, so he’s got no blood ties there.

Allen, Oklahoma – imagine that? Some of the relatives are buried in the Citra, OK cemetary. We were there once – it was raining and the wind was blowing. We didn’t stay very long.

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