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berkeley springs, here I come!

I’ve been dreaming about a spa retreat for months now, and I’ve been saving my allowance.  (No, seriously, the husband and I get an ‘allowance’ – that way we don’t feel guilty when we buy silly little – or big – things that are purely for our own enjoyment.  It works pretty well for us.)

After doing some research, I finally booked a trip to Berkeley Springs, WV.  It is less than 2 hours away, and it is, well, pretty cheap.  I expect it to be a ‘quaint’ and ‘rustic’ trip – not quite the 5-star pampering I first imagined in a spa retreat – but I think it’ll be a nice break.  You know, from my hectic life of … working 8 hours a day.  With no kids.  And minimal housework (that’s what cleaning ladies are for!)  And plenty of free time to knit and stuff.  But, whatever.  Even the spoiled deserve some, uh, spoiling …

The 4th of July holiday is soon arriving, and that is when my solo adventure starts.  I’ve booked a ‘charming’ room in a B&B, complete with ‘gourmet’ breakfasts and an ‘opulent’ dinner.  And don’t forget the claw-foot tub!  I’ve booked a mani/pedi at tripadvisor‘s second rated Berkeley Springs spa.  And I’ve booked a half spa day at tripadvisor’s highest rated spa.

All for the same price as a day at a spa in northern Virginia.  Plus, I get several blocks of cute shops to spend (what remains of my) allowance in!

Happy 4th, everyone!

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But what is the husband saving up for? Or did the TV come out of his allowance?

FYI, I’m spending my allowance on my wife’s birthday that Friday…

I see you made another post. Was it because I pointed out that you hadn’t done so in almost a month?

Liz and I visited Berkeley Springs over Easter weekend this year. We stayed at a B&B (Cider Mill House) as well, about 12 miles from Berkeley Springs in a town called Hedgesville.

The spa itself is very.. rustic (actually it’s more pool house than rustic with tiled bathroom floors, spa tubs etc..). It was (I think) $30 for 30 minutes in the hot springs. Going in, I was thinking I wish had an hour in there. But about 15 minutes in, I realized how wonderful it was that I only had 15 minutes left. The windows were closed, which maybe they won’t have your time around, but the air is incredibly thick with humidity. So much in fact that I couldn’t get my clothes back on fast enough to get the heck outside to get some air. But it was extremely relaxing, so it was a 30 minutes well spent.

As for the B&B, it could have not been a better experience. Kat and Ed are very nice hosts, with a very tastefully decorated 1800’s home – not very busy, just a nice comfortable place to stay.

Between the goats, chickens, morning walk around their acres of property and (Easter) breakfast, it was just a great time. Have a great 4th!

@Braxton: maybe partially, but I mostly posted because I had something to post about!

@Chris: Glad you enjoyed it! I didn’t book anything at the ‘original’ spa, because I actually didn’t read about it till I booked everything! My services are at more modern ‘day spa’ kind of facilities, so I’m hoping they are nice. 🙂

Chickens and goats? Yikes, I’m glad the B&B I booked only has cats. Though, I suppose you probably had a much fresher breakfast. 🙂

@Hemisphire: hmm, if I made the husband buy me presents out of his allowance, I’d be lucky to get a card out of him. 😉 (To be fair, he’d be lucky to get much more than that out of me …)

That looks like a good use of your allowance! And spoiling is always a good idea … my equally strenuous routine of sitting, reading, and writing (and ignoring the housework — or hoping the cat will finally realize a desire to earn her keep) often leads me to daydream of spa treatments.

Well, the goats and chickens were quiet (well until the chickens started clucking in the morning). It was like a mini petting zoo, and I’m all for a zoo of a time!

Oh and those fresh brown eggs in the morning made for a killer omelet!

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