I keep getting all these great Spring deals in my email inbox: 6 days in Paris, flight AND hotel: $499. Flight to London: $200. Rome: $300.

I wish the husband had more vacation time. Oh, and a desire to travel …

On the up side, we are taking a day trip to Gettysburg in a few weeks. I’ll take my adventure where I can get it. 🙂

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This is the trick to win the husband over:

“Oh, but Martha’s Vineyard isn’t far from your most favoritest city ever, Salem!! Of course we’ll get a chance to stop by and say hi to the dead not-witches.”

When are you thinking of going? I’ve never been to Martha’s vineyard …

Let me know the details as they solidify, you know the husband will never pass them on to me. 🙂 We do have plans for mid-August, we’re spending a week with my family, so we may not be able to make it – but a girl can always dream!

just saw an offer from american airlines for round trip seattle to buenos aries for les than 800 on the right days thru dfw

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