famous people everywhere!

 kennethWe made it to the Rockefeller Center and checked out the NBC store.  After perusing the merchandise, we settled on a Nerd Herd hat and a couple of Buy More badge thingies.  We then followed the signs upstairs to take the tour.

We got two of our very own NBC pages to take us through the tour where we sat in Conan’s studio, saw Will Forte’s plaster head (it’s for mask-making purposes), and even saw some of the SNL cast at work!  We stood outside the SNL theater and saw Andy Samberg, Will Forte, Jason Sudeikis, and the husband claims he caught a glimpse of Keenan.

After the tour we wandered back to Times Square and ate in the most expensive TGI Fridays on the planet.  With time to spare before our show, we hit the M&M Store and looked at all the adorable chocolatiness inside.  Then we hit Midtown Comics, as they were just around the corner from our theater.

lorelaiWhen it was finally not too early to loiter in the lobby, we headed over to the Nederlander theater.  The theater doesn’t seem to have any back entrance (it’s currently being renovated), so we watched cast, orchestra, and crew walk in past us.  After Lauren Graham made it down the hall past us with curly blond hair and in a hat the covered the top half of her face, I realized I had just seen Lorelai’s nose!  Just a few feet in front of me!

When they opened the doors, we found our seats at the tippity top of the theater.  It’s a small theater, though, so even the bad seats really aren’t that bad.  Shortly before the show started, however, the husband suffered from a rare (for him) nosebleed.  Luckily, I carry one of everything in my married-lady purse, so I handed him my pack of tissues, and a few minutes later he was good to go.

Guys and Dolls was in the second night of previews, so the director came out to let us know there might be some snafus.  The show started 10 or 15 minutes late, but was thoroughly entertaining.  The only snafus seemed to be with Lauren Graham’s wardrobe, as she played a stripper and some of her clothing didn’t want to go without a fight.

The last ferry left just as the show let out, so we walked around the block to the Port Authority to catch the bus back to Weehawken.  While we were trying to decipher our bus schedule and the charts on the ticket-selling machines, the 11 o’clock bus left, so we had to sit and wait for the 11:30.

We made it back to the hotel without incident, chatted with a nice couple in the elevator, and went to bed thoroughly exhausted.

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